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Can't recommend them highly enough. Shortly after we welcomed our very first dog home at 10 weeks of age, we met Rachel who helped us face every difficulty. I continuously learn strategies that help maintain and improve our dog/human communication. The dog's interests always come first and the team is super supportive.

Elviro And Pipo - UK

Bringing Your Dog Home Is Hugely Exciting And Full Of Anticipation About All The Fun And Exciting Times Ahead.....

There aren’t many things in this world better than snuggling with your dog on the sofa after a hard day at work, or seeing your dog and children play together or taking your dog for a lovely walk in the countryside and watching them investigate the world around them.

It’s moments like these, that make you all warm and fuzzy inside and its how you thought life would be. However, things don't always go according to plan..... 

You may have realised that having a dog to look after and train isn’t as easy as you'd first imagined

Is your cute puppy something of a distant memory? That adorable bundle of fluff and fun now turned into a hard to handle adult dog? 

Perhaps they’re barking all the time, not listening to you outside the house or dragging you down the street to the park? You feel like you're pulling your hair out, that your cute puppy seems to have disappeared!

Has Your Dog Ever Struggled With Any Of The Following?

 Picked up or stolen items they shouldn't have or eat? - Are you constantly trying to retrieve items out of your dogs mouth? Maybe you've been landed with a ££££ vet bill due to your dog ingesting something they've stolen and eaten

 Leaping all over guests in your home or even worse strangers in public? Apologising day after day as your dog runs and launches themselves at members of the public on your daily walks, you, wanting the ground to open up as you run after them, embarrassed at their behaviour 

 Listening to you when you step outside the house? As soon as you step outside your house you become invisible to your dog. They don't listen to a word you're saying. You might as well not be there with them. It seems even worse when everyone else seems to have a perfect dog 

 Running off as soon as you let them off lead and refusing to come back? They run off at the park and annoy all the other dogs and owners. Embarrassing you every time by refusing to come back when you call them, even if you have the tastiest treats

If you can relate to any of these, then I would imagine you're not fully happy with your dogs overall behaviour in some important areas of their training. And you want to do everything possible not to make your dogs behaviour worse.... 

  Or even worse... You might be thinking, what on earth have I done?...

Everyone else's dog seems to be behaving. Everyone else seems to have to have a handle on their dogs behaviour. Why won't your dog do what you want them to?

In my experience, you probably fall into one of two camps..........

 You're a brand new dog owner and you’re trying to plan ahead as you're aware what life could be like if you don't get it right, right from the start 

 You’ve had your dog for a while now.
 You're at your wits end, wondering where it all went wrong and why you're struggling with your dogs behaviour

Its getting to the point where your dog's behaviour is starting to affect your family relationships and  you're having disagreements on the best way to train your dog. 

You might be thinking is there anything out there that can help us? You can't see any solutions to improve your dog's behaviour right now. You're worried about what the future holds. 

Does any of this sound worryingly familiar?

Your dog is dragging you down the street and they are like a kangaroo on the end of their lead and you've tried everything to get them to walk nicely but nothings worked

You have a puppy that is relentlessly biting you and you have scratches and bites all over your hands and arms. You think you have a shark in disguise

Your dog will not listen to you, anywhere in public. They are perfect indoors but as soon as you step out of the house you turn invisible

Your dog is stealing household items and running off with them You end up chasing them around the house and garden and they love it! You've taught them its a great game and now don't know how to stop it

Your dog has no recall in public Its perfect in the house but when there are other dogs or humans around its non existent 

Your dog won't settle in the evenings You just want to relax on the sofa after a hard day at work and your dog has the zoomies every night

You can't leave your dog on their own if you want to pop out because their separation anxiety makes them cry, whimper or howl for hours.

Your dog is anxious, they are apprehensive around other dogs and strangers, causing you difficulty in walking them

And I bet looking after your dog and worrying about their behaviour isn't the only hat you wear. You're working, or are a full time mum or dad, organising your household and generally  trying to keep your family happy

And you may have taken one of these following steps to try and tackle their challenging behaviour already...

You’ve tried other ‘approaches’ including aversive techniques, such as prong collars, intimidation and spray or ultrasonic buzzer collars, not using rewards or a combination of everything, but they didn't work and scared your dog in the process, so you were still left with undesirable behaviours

You’ve done so much reading your eyes hurt! Books, blogs, online articles and YouTube videos. They all conflict each other and you don't know who or what to trust to help 

You’re walking your dog at ridiculous hours or not at all just to avoid the stress and embarrassment of seeing other dogs or people

You literally feel like you've tried EVERYTHING to try and fix the issues you're having.......

Well… Almost everything.

What if there was something out there for you, where you can have the SOLUTIONS to all your dog training struggles. To be able to raise a dog from the very beginning the right way, to AVOID the struggles from even happening in the first place........

To learn techniques that will stop the embarrassment and frustration when you go for a walk or when guests come to your house.....

I know right now, it may seem like an impossible task, how you can turn the dog that's causing you all this stress into the dog of your dreams, thats a pleasure to live with and a joy to take out.......

But what if there really is a way…

To have the freedom that both you, your family and your dog deserve. 

To go out and not worry about what you'll come home to find and to be able to take your dog anywhere you go, safe in the knowledge that they will behave and not embarrass you or stress you out.

A way that can help you to…

Create Calmness

Learn how to unlock the art of calmness and relaxation in any given situation. Teach your dog to be calm, no matter what is happening. Whether they're about to be fed, in a cafe with you or the door bell has just rung

Supercharge your relationship

Develop the bond that will underpin everything. Learn to truly understand your dog and nurture your relationship. Unlock outlets for your dog's deepest needs based on their breed and individual characteristics and learn how to read your dogs body language.

Build Confidence

Enhance your dog's resilience and confidence in everyday situations so they are happy and ready for anything. Whether that be visiting new places, meeting strangers, seeing novel objects or hearing loud noises. Learn what to do if your dog is worried by anything

Achieve lasting results quickly

Upgrade your skills to become the expert your dog needs and learn techniques you can implement straight away to achieve lasting changes in your dogs behaviour, without weeks of intensive training or using any aversive methods

Understand what’s going on underneath 

Most behaviours that owners find unacceptable are perfectly normal for our canine friends. It is important to search for the root cause thinking about what the dog needs and how we can satisfy those needs in an acceptable way rather than just trying to fix the behaviour and supress their natural instincts.

Set your dog up for success to focus anywhere, anytime

Unlock your dog's key motivators and build their ability to pay attention anytime, anywhere. Whatever you're struggling with building focus skills will help you succeed in raising a well rounded, happy adult dog. 

Live a happy, fulfilled, stress-free life with your dog

Make plans for all the things that you haven’t dared to even think about and you never thought would be possible - camping trips, countryside cottage get aways, coffee shop trips with friends and your dog  - it’s all possible!

If you’re searching for a way to tackle your dog's behaviour and want to see lasting results, whilst also gaining a real understanding of your dogs needs and why they do what they do AND have fun building an amazing relationship, then read on because you will LOVE what's coming 

Right now, you have the opportunity to transform your dog’s behaviour for good and create the relationship that you’ve always wanted…

Welcome to
The Canine Connection 
'Delightful Dog Club'​​

We coach our students through a proven combination of online video tutorials, tailored training in our thriving, private Facebook community and access to feedback and guidance from our expert coaches, 24/7. You will teach your dog to thrive and develop into a confident, happy and focused dog that you can take anywhere with you!

Discover 10 easy to follow, learn-as-you-watch courses, helpfully organised into easily-accessible topics, and based on more than 10 years of dog training experience.

Join 100's of happy and satisfied pet parents who have already gone through this training to transform their dog’s behaviour for good. 

The content in the Delightful Dog Membership is a comprehensive library of instructional videos that will enable you to resolve EVERY dog training issue you have and give you the tools to live a happy, stress free life with your dog 

Your Canine Connection
‘Delightful Dog Club' Membership Includes:

  • 250+ Video Lessons
  • ​Simple To Follow and Step by Step Teaching              
  •  24/7 Access Through Your Laptop, Phone, or Tablet
  • ​Fun Games To Teach Your Dog   
  •  Direct support - Q&A and Messaging Anytime
  •  Full Access To EVERYTHING When You Need It
  •  Monthly Yappy Hour
  • Monthly Challenges

Here’s Why 100's Dog Owners Love Us…

Before working with us, many pet parents were at their wits end, not knowing what to do and feeling like they had an impossible task ahead if they wanted to transform their dogs behaviour from being completely unmanageable to a well rounded, canine companion 

Customer Reviews....

Janet and Coco

 I love the philosophy and I think Coco does too as its as much about me understanding my dog as about her doing what I’d like her to do! We’ve achieved a lot with Rachel’s guidance and support. Still a lot to do and learn but it’s been fun and I can always see improvements and that’s what spurs me on.

Karen and Gwen

The minute I met Rachel I knew she was right for us. She is a fantastic dog trainer with a lovely quiet and unassuming manner that just inspires confidence and I have been delighted with the progress we have made. 

Cheryl and Bonnie

 I was recommended Canine Connection by a friend who had achieved great results with their puppy and learnt many useful skills, especially with recall. I would highly recommend Canine Connection to anyone looking to settle in with their pup and learn essential life skills.

And I’m also Including these 2 Bonuses…

Bonus 1

40+ Step By Step Training PDF Bundle 

Access to our helpful step by step training guides to support your learning experience

Bonus 2

Private Members Only Facebook Group

Join a thriving and supportive community of pet parents wanting the best for their dog. Get help and guidance from our team of experts and bond with other like minded owners.

Other Training Not Worked For You?

Many of our current clients reached out to us after having limited success with other methods.

My training allows me to help pet parents locally and all over the world transform their dog’s behaviour in an affordable way (with a FREE 3-day trial!)

My courses are structured in a way, where you don't need any prior training experience to be able to dive in and make use of them straight away… 

Here’s a full listing of what resources you will have available to you inside the Delightful Dog Club…



The Delightful Dog Club not only gives you access 24/7 to expert training resources whenever you want them, you also get to be part of the thriving supportive Canine Connection Community where you can share your experiences with many other like minded owners.

A Price that’s Better Than a Head Scratch...

These are the services I currently offer my in- person clients who attend my training centre or I visit in their home....

  • Group Dog Training - £15 - £20 per session
  • 1-on-1 Private Training - £65 - £120 per session

These classes and 1to1 sessions work brilliantly and we have hundreds of happy owners.

But what happens afterwards or if someone is not able to attend in-person classes?

  My passion is helping as many pet parents as possible locally and around the world with achieving that dream life with their dog they always wanted, while having fun along the way!

So I have put together a resource that you can access anytime you need it, which includes having support from myself and my team of trainers. 

The value of all the training courses and videos should you purchase them individually would be £393

I want the Delightful Dog Club to be accessible to you wherever you are so I have a special limited time, launch offer for you.

The Canine Connection "Delightful Dog Club" FREE 3 day trial, and then £19.95 pm($27 p/m) afterwards.

Secure this price today and it is guaranteed never to increase as long as you remain a member

Why I’m giving you a 3 
day Trial for FREE!

You can access all of the content in the Delightful Dog Membership, to make sure its the right place for you to be (I can guarantee you, it will be!)

I’m so confident that this is the right membership for you that I’m giving you access to all of my comprehensive courses for FREE for 3 days

If you find it’s not for you, just cancel any time, no reasons needed.

SPECIAL OFFER: 3-Day Trial...for FREE!

  •  FREE Trial for 3-Days Then Full Monthly Access to The Canine                     Connection "Delightful Dog Club"
  •  9 Comprehensive Courses, including 8 week Pesky to Perfect Puppy            Course, 8 week Delightful Dog Course, Recall, Loose Lead, Trick                  Training, Enrichment, Human Superskils, Calm, Confident and                      Focused, Foundation Behaviours
  •  Total of Over 250 Videos On-demand
  • ​ Lessons To Cover All The Issues You May be Struggling With
  • 2 X SPECIAL BONUSES, including a thriving and supportive private             Facebook Group, with expert trainers on hand to help and guide you           and a step by step PDF training bundle


3 day FREE trial

then £19.95 ($27)

billed monthly

(cancel anytime)

Cancel Anytime

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This Special Launch Offer Ends In:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

The 30 Day
‘Money-Back’ Guarantee

Even though you can cancel your membership at any time AND there is a FREE 3 day trial, if you do sign up I have also included a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee.

Just Some of The Happy Dog and Puppy Pet Parents Who Have Had Their Dogs (and Lives) Transformed.

Vicky, James and Bailey

Rachel has been truly amazing with our beagle puppy. She provided us with lots of advice and suggestions on how to build her confidence. Rachel is absolutely committed to her job and is always on hand whenever we have a question. We can’t recommend her enough!

Pat And Max

Max and I have attended two courses here and have thoroughly enjoyed both. Max is much calmer and more responsive to commands. We have both learnt a lot and I now feel confident taking him out on my own. He is definitely a delightful dog .
Thank you Rachel

Courtney and George

 The training course and support from Rachel has been brilliant. The course has helped him to become obedient and really listen to things. It's really easy to follow and the worksheets each week are great. Rachel is so knowledgeable and she really understands the love you have for your dog and builds that bond even more. Thank you for all your help, can't wait to progress onto the next course!

Over 11 Years of Dog Training Experience

I'm Rachel Woollven 

Back in Jan 2005 Henry, a 12 week old Weimaraner pup came into my life, and I had no clue what I was doing back then!

Four weeks later, I had a car accident that changed our lives completely.

Henry missed out on everything – classes, socialisation, training and the essential skills that when taught from puppy hood set the foundations for later life.

The result was that he had a hard life to start with – because he missed out on so much, through no fault of his own. He had no focus on me whatsoever and he became reactive towards other dogs.

Things got even more interesting when we rescued Casey, a Rottweiler of just over 1 year old back then. 
I found myself with two big and difficult dogs and were impossible to walk by myself.

Determined not to give up on these dogs, because I knew there HAD to be a way to offer them a better life, and a way that we could enjoy walks together – I started my journey into training and behaviour.

Over out next few years together we had to rewrite the rule book and reteach all the puppy foundations.

And now, I see clients in the exact same situation, and I work with them and we work through it. However, if only myself back then, had known what I know now, how different life would have been.

So I am determined that no puppy or dog owner needs to have that same experience that I did. 

Lets get it right from the beginning.
Its step by step, easy to follow instructions and you’ve got a trainer in your pocket to support you.

Your Perfect Dog is Just a Click Away!

I can’t wait for you to join The Canine Connection ‘Delightful Dog Club’ and see you inside our fantastic and supportive community…and here’s why.

Having a dog in your life, should be one of the most rewarding experiences  you ever go through, and will give you many cherished memories. I can hand on heart say, that I am at my most content, happiest and fulfilled when I'm with my dog.
I want every single dog owner to feel this way.
It saddens me to see pet parents struggling with their dog, feeling frustrated, disheartened and isolated at times. Because I know it doesn't have to be this way...... I also know only too well the long term effects your dog's behaviour can have on you if its not dealt with.

But, you see it can be dealt with and YOU can be the one to transform their behaviour.

You just need a bit of support and guidance along the way and the resources to succeed….

…and that’s what I’m here for! I’ve been training dogs and their owners for over 11 years, so believe me when I say, there's not a problem I've not seen or helped with and got pet parents the results they've wanted. 

There is absolutely no need for you to be struggling and feeling stressed any longer – together we CAN transform your dog’s behaviour and make your life so much easier. No more pulling your arm out its socket, no more not listening to you, no more feeling embarrassed at the park. The methods we use are kind, fair and effective and you'll wish you’d learned about them a long time ago.

This membership is exactly what you need to transform your dog’s behaviour and have a dog that is a pleasure to live with and a joy to take out. 

I'm so excited to see you in the private Facebook group, posting about how much better your relationship is with your dog AND how their behaviour has transformed for the better!

See you there!

Rachel Woollven

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